Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birds of a Feather Flock Together and yellow

littledoodlesblogspot.comshe is one of my favorite illustrators

I see little dresses showing up birds, little, birds, big, fabrics, painted onto t-shirts, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, Forever21 they are twittering everywhere, I love the chick a dee dee, you say it right back & little black & white birds talk to me. I love birds that fuss, have wings that fly 100's of times fast (the Humming Bird) I love their, fluff & naturalness. I have some chick a dee dee t-shirts coming. They ground us to life even though they flip and sway way. Here is a great story of the feathers in the hair, the NYTimes

Birds of a Feather: London Fashion -
has noticed from our pop culture. We have them here, Colorado it's all over at a certain age group of girls. It's nicely tribal. We have that for them rich, cool, talented and most of all beautiful. Thank fully that word is being recognized more rightly. it's in all of us, just find what you like to wear, who you are, stick to it, be assertive & respectful and demand the same in return.

Marc Jacob 2011


Dana Designs Studios

Camilla Gray Fashion Illustrastor Her images haunt & draw one in, cannot help look at her work. Other worldy, strong, confident, bring another dimension to a simple beautiful  gaze.

stationary so fun great paper products and collections of her work with birds among my favoritie. Birds will be popular. Moving from feathers in our hair, to feathers in our clothing, these delicate materials are not without death. Bird Cards,

Lindsay Blue & amp  Avocado boca bag

MiuMiu Spring/Summer Yummers

Yellow will play a major part in fashion for the next couple of years, it is exciting, bright, cheerful, and optimistic.

Prada 2011
Michael Kors 2011

Fendi must be rough!

Silver & Yellow Chanel

Prada 2011
Clements Riberio 2011

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