Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pre-Fall Favorites even though I am still looking for my spring summer lovelies

fuzzy warm dresses with skinny belts in neutral coats scream throw neon yellow paint on me or put a neon yellow belt on.

hummingbirds, crocs, deer, and any other animal are still appearing on the T-shirt

Mens' watches are being seen on women
If you do not know Domo get to know Domo he will make you laugh and that is good for your health

Dries Van Noten is one of my top 3 designers, he worked in textiles before fashion, can you tell?

He is one of the best at contrasting

You never know what you will get season to season I love these shoes
a couple during Edwardian times getting their groove on

I love this silhouette simple & beautiful

the mess dress all the better I say, it has Japan writing all over it

the clutch has become the end all purse & designers are taking out all the stops in making these out of sight

As a lifeguard I use to make friendship bracelets now they are hardcore fashion
Erdem is becoming a force in the design world, the contrast, the watercolor fabrics, they are the bomb

simple silhouettes are so under valued

I have a hunch, puff, tulle, big is coming in some shape and it's not going to be any run of the mill sort of thing it's going to knock our sock off
Jessica must have known Tango Tangerine was the "it" color. She looks good in a paper tangerine colored bag, she is a keeper. Justin you are lucky she put up with your shit. Go girl

Perfect place to keep my mansion

Yellow & Black were meant to be together look at bees and if they weren't here neither would we
Turquoise and Peter pan collars here to stay

this is a quilted clutch, I just about fell off my chaise lounge in my chiffon Daisy outfit

This color should have been color of the year, Helmut Lang sure knows how to think outside the box

Jil Sanders bring those hats back if the Duchess of Cambridge can't who will
Rodarte Rodarte Rodarte, I kind of have a thing for them, even though they gave Tavi a pair of their knitted tights ( hate being jealous of a 14 yr old with her own online Magazine)

Alexander Wang baffles me, I like him, I hate him, but he put orange on this shoe so I like him for that of course.

Say goodbye to Honeysuckle Pink and hello to Tango Tangerine and my personal favorite neon pale yellow

Bows are never and I mean never going anywhere. We women, girls, bitches, gals all love them fierce. I have the proof too.

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socks and shoes go together socks and heels also go together ask anyone and that cobalt blue is a dreamy statement of a color it's hanging around in 2012

polka dots as well will never go out of style

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