Friday, August 17, 2012

looking forward

Equipment shirt with the favored snake print in yellow fabulous shirt to layer

Monique Lhuillier
embroidered tulle ballgown 
Monique Lhuillier spices up the covetable nude-illusion trend with bold red embroidery on this tulle ballgown. Sweep your hair back to show off the pretty neckline, just as the designer did on the Fashion Week runway.

Anya Hindmarch's embellished encrusted clutch

Balmain's divine mock turtleneck dress in mint with dashs of bright colors to mix print with chaotic pattern of opulence

Derek Lam's coveted black leather peplum piece sold out at Net-a-Porter in minutes a perfect addition to a heirloom wardrobe playing double duty as a peplum piece with skirt or as a trended leather piece with leather pants, leather skirt or jeans and heavy studded boots for a night on the town

Beirn tote in neon yellow with the snake print
Gold, Black, teal and a subtle hemline of yellow make this skirt a eye catcher, the tribal almost geometric print is stunning as well

Making it into a dress we've added more design, patterns, same colors, teal at the top in meshing into the gold; I would wear this with a gold/bronze cuff with a natural stone in the blues/teal colors, then if I were bold that evening yellow pumps otherwise go with Stella McCartney's gold stiletto's with a black bib in front of the toe cap. Anyway going with nothing added or a few simple accents a yellow statement ring or dangling earrings. You will turn heads with this fashion forward statement dress. It is one of a kind.

My dearest most coveted designer Dries Van Noten gives us a refined and elegant coat/dress with color blocking. slimming belted look, white collar to highlight the small neckline this also fits into the heirloom wardrobe

Louboutin's colorful side is still showing through fall with these beautiful chain handbags, accentuating the shoulders with thick feather straps hanging & stretching out to further the colorfulness and playfullness fashion is enjoying right now with the Bold designs & Color continuing it's role as main event throughout the collections

Jason Wu playing with length, volume and hue in the world of the lovely pinks, a wonderous skirt that takes you to the opera, meet the Queen of England while skydiving, and dazzling the dinner guest at a State dinner. Jason Wu is just beginning his zillion ideas career and it's most enjoyable to watch

Chanel's Couture2012 had so many gown to chose from, this one the striped fabrics, injecting pink in the rotation made it my favorite and most loved, this pale pink with 2 lines & rough cut bows at the shoulder were a wonder and delight from finished gowns so polished and preteen.

Balmain hit the bull's eye with this Quilted Leather Jacket sold out on Net-a-Porter in seconds most likely, it's the be all, have all, piece of the moment and perhaps the season, I can see women back alleying others wearing this and you know taking it, Stylist are probably giving all their favors away so clients may have this in their repertoire of garments. It will be the most copied piece out there,

Balmain also scored another 10+ with this mix pattern dress, of black, white, pink and beige. A genius move to add neutrals to a chaotic piece so easily tamed with layers in the neutral family or wear it with your Quilted Leather Jacket and some Alaia wedges to gobsmack the whole lot of them

Nina Ricci's brocade pink dress, with the all powerful bow hidden behind to leave a envious look as they leave you behind, a great piece to let shine alone with nude pumps or great colorful Pierre Hardy wedges to stir the wild side of you
Alexis Bittar is still winning the accessories CFDA awards every year with no surprise, they work stands for itself
they said skinnies were on their way out, however Brooklyn jeans by True Religion just sent them down a different vein, they cropped them. Clever & a bit of a vintage silhouette, cropped jeans in colors have made dressing even more fun.

These embellished, embroidered, polka dotted, chervoned booties astound me with their craftpersonship, the attention to detail, booties fit for a Queen, Duchess, me. We can only hope for more such works they will come. they are breath taking works of art. by Antik Batik

Tibi made these half harum half color jean pants, in coral, or salmon, dark peach, you get the idea to go with everything that comes in transition from Summer to Fall. The color is a major player and will enjoy a long life of wear.

Vince Shoes, Vince Booties, Vince clothing, all relevant to staying abreast of the new big designers coming to town. With such masculine lines, fabrics, silhouettes, Vince manages to create a feminine feel to all his pieces that playfully go with the women whom loves to have the contrast of masculine with feminine touches ruling the roost.

Yigal's addition to Style's trend of "Winter White" with the black leather gloves to cover 2 trends the "black leather."

Our Native American tribal patterns had strong showing this year, not just one continent but aztec, mayan, aftrican with Suno, the patterns and prints mixing letting fashion go wild in nature and natural instinct
colorful shoe from a favorite store @Anthropologie

Alice +Olivia @ net-a-porter

Moshchino Love & Chic one of my favorite pieces
  for 2012-13 a simple color blocked sleeveless sheath top of nude & pale blue with a crown of pearls around the neckline to dazzle & surprise viewers so well worth the $ for such a versatile piece that will make anything in your closet look fabulous
Lanvin's cosmetic case

Anna Sui's knitted skirt in plaid
Marni's transitional summer to fall skirt in orange sequence and silk with patterns and polka dots makes her one of my all time favorite desginers

Aubin & Willis Fox Instaria Sweater

Comme des Garcon Bold

Derek Lam in a Leather color block oh so lovely

Antik Batik's embellished dress just like the booties

Chanel's black & Pink print for 2012 Couture

Digital prints making their mark on fashion

The color choice like a well played chord in 3's

Burgundy just starting to hit the scene late this summer

The digital power in Black & White

Black, White, and Sepia

a glass necklace very inexpensive with chains dangling down makes for a very nice accent piece

Charlotte's Lavendar Pumps made quite a splash

House of Harlow's contrast of natural leather with turquoise snake

Nail painting with the creation of the nail painting pencils is everywhere just look at the Olympic

Vintage dress could have run right off the runway this year instead of 50years ago

Vintage hat

NYTimes 5 thing you need for Fall

Posh & Beck's at the royal wedding of William & Catherine

Street fashion of contrasting colors making a perfect causal statement

a tattoo on a woman I thought very fitting for our times.

Tea cups I love, red little polka dots I love together double the love

@tomjudd giving me more larger red polka dots to enjoy

all great athletes, should take ballet

oldest bunny found on planet

copper & brass Lava Bracelet by @artsmith ca. 1946 from the MFA, Boston

Wedding captured with bridesmaid dresses in the color I have been seeing the most of, on Jennifer Garner at her latest movie opening in a @lanvin draped dress, One shoulder dress @nordstroms, @mhl sweater, the list goes on and the great thing about this color put it with burgundy, teal, or neon yellow and you have a lovely match.

the big Jewelry of the Centuries Bulgaria fabulous at mixing color

sparkles help any and I mean any outfit

contrast of gold with white crystals

Pink in the NYTimes T magazine video section

Pencil Skirts

Amamda Wakely's divine goddess dress in the pale pink

you tell me what they have gathered, shiny, mix and matching?

another amazing color block dress with high voltage coloration
Rodarte's contribution to the leather trend with shearing stripes I envision wearing this with Vivenne Westwood pirate boots, a shawl out of the 19th century in beige and a crossbow hanging from the back off my shoulder. Rodarte brings the warrior out in me, they make clothes that look like you would win the battle no matter what with the power you have surrounding you

Equine fashion has had it's quiet place in fashion until now. We see horses, horseshoes, bridles, saddles, western wear, thanks some to Rodarte for it's exploration into their carved wooden shoes, some for the Olympics being held in London, and some for the height of cowboy boots made in every color ankle boots as cowboy boots and horses just like owls, birds and other friendly creatures have made the knitting world thunder with their lovely sweaters or jumpers one might say

Alice + Olivia's red tomato trench for fall is an easy buy, it can work as a dress, you will not be hard to find with such a intensity of this hue, and it's a natural warm fall color to be had.

Pierre Hardy has made a name for himself with his first collaboration with the Gap 3 years ago with the quickest shoe sale out in Gap history. He has moved on to clutches and I could take this cluthch and grab one of his wedges and it would be a perfect match. The colors are delightful and energetic, plenty to match to any outfit and bring the dazzle out for everyone to enjoy

the harmonic chord, black, yellow, aqua with a neutral to help out white

Once again in 3;s a happy harmonic chord, black light blue and pink


Aqua shirt a must for fall as a layer or solo

Chanels couture bow

 Ralph Chado Ricci makes everything he creates look couture, this blouse with the gently floral petals, barely shown where they are bound together along with a perfectly white crisp collar screams don't get it dirty or I'll it is beautiful, excellent, finely detailed, admirable, attractive, charming, choice,  comely, consummate, cultivated, dainty, delicate, delicious, discerning, discriminating, elegant, errorless, ethereal, fastidious, fine,flawless, impeccable, incomparable, irreproachable, lovely, matchless, meticulous, outstanding, peerless, it can go on in it's description however I will settle. He makes clothing that will last until the end of time, and it will always be in style, lovely and incomparable.

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